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Get ready to infiltrate a mysterious cult surrounded by haunting masked characters to carry out an atmospheric mission that will take you on a journey through dreamlike environments. Uncover a massive conspiracy rooted in the pillars of our society and try to get out of this job alive. 


[WASD] - Movement

[MOUSE] - Camera Control

[E] - Interaction

[CTRL] - Crouch

[F] - Blacklight Lantern

[MOUSE -LEFT] - Shoot gun

[ESCAPE] - Pause Menu

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inward-umbra-win.zip 1 GB
Version 6

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Here's that video! :) thanks again! 

We have already updated the game to try to make it more intuitive in that part. Really appreciate the feedback. Tell us if you ever get around to making another video of the game

Hello! So I'm making a video of your game on my youtube, and I ran into a game breaking bug about 5 minutes in, which is super sad because I love what I'm seeing so far. Right when I try to pickup the necklace the whole screen goes black leaving only the health bar and reticle. Sound and music seem to continue but the visuals are gone. I tried it 4 times, and even tried quiting the program and restarting, from the beginning, only to get the same result when I reached that point. I'll still be uploading what I recorded and posting it here so you can see it for yourself, but If you fix the issue I will gladly play the rest of the game! 

It is not a bug, you have to look down to discover that you have been teleported to a different location. We will try to indicate it better in the next update of the game adding some kind of visual clue. Would love to see you play the full game. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the feedback.